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Aussie Firebug

The Aussie FireBug is an anonymous blog detailing one man’s journey (or should I say one couple’s journey) towards FI.

The interesting part about the Aussie FireBug blog is he originally started in property, then added ETF’s and more recently has been leaning towards LICs.

This is a great example of how there isn’t a single FI plan even for one person and you may adapt and change as time goes by based on further education and changing market conditions, risk tolerances, etc.

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While most FI stories aim for a modest income of around $40,000 per year, Aussie HI Fire takes a different approach and is aiming for a higher retirement income.

This adds a different perspective to the usual FIRE blogs and also has some great research and opinion based pieces that I personally enjoy, too.

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Carpe Dividendum

Rather than seizing the day, this 30 something is seizing the dividends… well I guess he seizes the day too.

A relatively newcomer to the FIRE scene starting from scratch in 2018 but that’s okay because we like to see the journeys of all.

He’s off to a great start anyway and the portfolio breakdowns of asset and regional breakdowns are interesting to see too.

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Dividends Down Under

While most FIRE’es focus on Indexed Funds, DDU takes a different approach and focuses on dividends via individual share purchases.

This is a unique approach and the DDU provides a very detailed account of what dividends they receive and what funds they invest on.

The blog mostly consists of monthly updates for share purchases, dividends received and expense tracking accountability.

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Financial Autonomy

Paul Benson has a great podcast made specifically for the Australia market here.

While his blog doesn’t specially mention FIRE, the principles of financial autonomy are much the same.  Gaining freedom through financial goals and life choices.

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Life Long Shuffle

The Life Long Shuffle blog details “Pat the Shufflers” journey and progress towards his FI goal is approximately $1.2 million dollars.

As well as the journey, the Life Long Shuffle blog also contains some great lifestyle and opinion pieces about life and finances.

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Money Flamingo

This couple takes a different approach to FIRE.  They aim to reach Flamingo FI, rather than retire.

What this means if they have broken down their goals into various stages such as the accumulation phase then the Flamingo FI phase (semi-retirement) where they still work just enough to cover their living expenses and then let the nest-egg grow itself.

They’re also aiming to do this by a certain date, in 2021 – 1,000 days from when their journey began.

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Ordinary Dollar

Dan publishes his own personal monthly portfolio updates on Ordinary Dollar, but he also posts some great informative posts too.

He has provided extensive research and calculations in the safe withdrawal rate series, for example.

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Strong Money Australia

What differentiates the Strong Money Australia blog is his love for LIC’s (Limited Investment Companies) and franking credits.

So rather than focus on capital growth, SMA focuses on receiving dividend income in order to fund his FI goals.

There is a whole range of great articles on here for learning more about LIC’s, franking credits and dividend-based income.

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The FI Explorer

The FI Explorer has a mixed bag of a portfolio with a great range of Vanguard Diversified funds, individual shares, ETF’s and even crypto.

The monthly updates provide a great detailed account of the growth of each asset class which can be quite interesting to observe for someone less diversified.

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