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Early Retirement Now

Early Retirement Now is the journey of a German-come American immigrant who successfully retired in June 2018.

He had a long career in the finance industry which probably helps a lot with working towards FIRE.

The blog is full of a large number of posts covering a period starting in early 2016 and it’s still running well to date.

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The Jim Collins blog is best known for its Stock Series articles.  These are one of the best articles for the budding investor to read if you are completely new to the stock market.

The Stock Series posts answer many questions and clear up many misconceptions about the stock market, indexed funds and active management.

Jim also has a great book called the Simple Path to Wealth available on Amazon Paperback, Kindle and Audible.

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Mad Fientist

The Mad FIentist blog has some great tools for tracking and calculating your progress towards FI.

Although most famous for “The Laboratory”, the Mad FI blog also contains some great articles and podcasts on early retirement philosophies too.

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Mr. Money Mustache

No International blog list would be complete without Mr Money Moustache who has a FIRE cult-like following with a huge forum of active members.

MMM retired way back in 2005 and has since lead the FIRE movement inspiring others to follow suit.

Full of great FIRE tips, the Mr Money Moustache blog also has great general lifestyle tips promoting the misconception that money alone doesn’t always equal happiness.

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