Most Recommended Tools

We only recommend tools that we use to manage and grow our own investments. There’s no hype or fluff here — just the stuff we’ve found essential.

PearlerTry PearlerAffliate link

Pearler#1 for Brokers

Pearler makes investing simple again.

Pearler is a relatively new broker aimed at investors who wish to FIRE. Their goal is to make it easy for every Aussie to invest in shares the right way: incremental amounts in diversified portfolios, for the long-term which aligns with the best FIRE practices.

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PocketSmith#1 for Budget Tools

Personal finance software for all walks of life.

I have been using PocketSmith for years because of their excellent support for most banks, credit cards, superannuation providers and even obscure loan providers. The ability to have everything automatically imported is a game changer for tracking net worth and growth.

Sharesight#1 for Portfolio Trackers

The best share portfolio tracker for Australian investors.

Keeping track of investments used to be a hassle. Sharesight makes it simple. Want automatic holding updates, with comprehensive tax and performance reporting, wrapped up in an easy-to-use, fully online system? That’s Sharesight in a nutshell.

WiseTry WiseAffliate link

Wise#1 for Money Transfers

The 6x cheaper international account.

Working for a US company for nearly a decade I've experienced being paid from international bank transfer to PayPal and nothing has come close to low fees and high exchange rate with TransferWise.